The Signature AMBRO Scarf

Matthew Ambrosio

Posted on November 06 2017

: I started expressing myself by creating art during a dark time in my life. I then used that meaningful art to make textiles which became specific styles. One of those styles is a scarf and it’s probably the most popular item I’ve ever made and with good reason. I’ve been told they not only bring warmth and comfort but also luck and protection. Most likely because of their origin. Dark times call for desperate measures. Which is why I don’t consider my little brand to be fashion. I think of it as a heart shaped parachute that helped me land gently during a spiraling free fall from high up in the earths atmosphere. I’m so grateful so many have found their one of a kind custom scarves and use the word LOVE to describe how they feel about them. That is what it’s all about. It’s not just fashion it’s a feeling you get when you wrap yourself in anything AMBRO. It’s about making other people happy to find your happy. #power #protection#passion #fashion

Now these scarves aren’t something you’ll find sitting on a shelf in a department store. They find you and when you’re ready you talk to me and tell me which textiles speak to you, we cut them out and an angel with a needle stitches them together and they arrive not too long after. After that you wear it whenever and however you like. It’s yours you can do whatever you want.

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