Now Available! Introducing Hot Lips Organic, Gluten Free and Vegan Glosses!

Jennifer Capezza

Posted on October 09 2017

New from life on Mars beauty, natural organic, vegan and gluten-free lip glosses in seven different shades – we are expanding into the universe – come and take a ride

Available Colors:

  • Jejuno - Deep Berry
  • Cerise - Pink Berry
  • Drops of Jupiter - Creamy Citron

I tried them myself! They do exactly what they are meant to do. Enhances your natural lips with a sheer glaze of color! I usually ask a girl before I choose potential colors if they are a light or dark kinda woman. If you like dark go with Jejuno, if you like flirty go with Cerise and if you like fun and hot go with Drops of Jupiter. Remember they are not full coverage and give you a wash of color which can be deepened by adding more product. It does not get stick and it smells really good! Best of all they are clean and healthy for your precious pucker. They are organic and only $18 each.Β 

Spend $125 and get the entire set free!

AMBRO aka Matthew Ambrosio πŸ’‹Β 

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