Love this heartfelt review and story for our AMBRO "Can't Is Not in my Vocabulary" Tank.

Matthew Ambrosio

Posted on June 02 2017

Some beautiful words from a strong and beautiful woman! 

Leanna is an incredible mom, wife and artist. She recently lost her mother to a battle with cancer and was obviously a super mom. Here's what she said about her experience with AMBRO.

"The word CAN'T is NOT in my vocabulary!". Repping my Ambro collection tank by the very talented Matthew Ambrosio. (Sorry Matt I'm not the best model!). 

This shirt spoke to me because I'm constantly being underestimated, and also because my mom always taught me to try, try and try again if I couldn't do something! Her perseverance in life taught me to eliminate words like "can't" from my vocabulary......because I can!

Our response:

"You are the perfect model for AMBRO..." #truth #goodattitude 

Welcome to the AMBRO family Leanna! 👄 

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