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Matthew Ambrosio

Posted on August 23 2019

Life Island by Ambro is a lifestyle blog where all my creative universes combine. You will find experiences, tips, tricks and more about gardening, healthy recipes, fashion, beauty, travel and DIY. I am happy to share my it now all in once place where you can wander and get lost in all the things I love and the words I type.

Let me show you around.


The Blogs Homepage

This is our home base. You have access to all my blog posts, social profiles and portfolios just one click away!

Pinterest: My favorite social profile!

Click on the Pinterest Icon above the individual posts on the homepage to visit what I consider cloud storage for all my creativity. I have several boards including my personal garden journal to crafts I’m saving for the cold winter months. It’s the most functional of all the social media platforms out there, I use it often.

My Portfolio: Makeup Artistry, Fashion & Published Works 

I started as a professional makeup artist in 2009 and after several experiences working with indie fashion designers I decided to work on becoming one and that is how Ambrosio Fashion was born. In between all that I’ve had the privilege to share my experiences and knowledge with many as a lifestyle writer. Hope you love my work and find something you love.

Hope this post familiarized you more about the purpose of this blog. I am so happy to finally have a place where everything is one place not just for me but also for you.

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