How to Apply a Natural Eye Look the Right Way Every Time


Posted on February 15 2020

Application of eye shadow is a fun, beauty boosting act, yet many women have banned it from their cosmetics regime because they fear they will look like a “circus performer.” A lot of women also think it’s too time consuming, which is understandable. What I say to women who are reluctant to use eye color is that it’s not permanent, so if you make a mistake it’s easy to remove, and a natural day look will only take minutes.

Color Map:

The look you desire will influence what colors you choose and where they go on your eyes. For eye makeup, there are three parts to focus on, and each color has a specific destination and use.

Light:When applied to the brow bone, it will illuminate and make small eyes look larger. For an everyday look I suggest using a matte texture shadow, zero radiance or shimmer.

Medium: This color is applied to the lid and serves to enhance the natural colors in your eye. Using a specific color can intensify your own eye color. Using a pop color on the lid will make for a fun and flirty statement.

Dark: Use a dark tone in the fold of the eye (where the lids meets the brow) to create dimension. If you want drama or an evening look, use a deep shade like grey or black.

Eye looks can be broken down into two types, daytime and evening. For a daytime look, use a light and medium shade in the areas previously mentioned. For an evening look, or if you have the desire to be bold and intensify your stare, add a deeper shade.

Employ Your Brush:

Use a brush to apply your eye shadows, or any makeup for that matter. It will help create a softer and cleaner appearance. Sometimes the color can fall from your eyes onto your cheeks so feel free to apply your eye makeup first. This way it can be easily brushed away before applying any face makeup.

It is important to use one brush for each color and section of the eye. Using one brush and mixing the shades can create a muddy appearance on the eye. Clean your brushes monthly with a gentle shampoo or purchase a brush cleaner for a quick and easy clean.

Brush sets are easy to come by and your basic eye kit should include the following:

• Two eye shadow brushes to apply the light and medium shades.
• Crease brush for the darker shades.
• Blender brush to sweep gently over your finished eye to soften and blend, especially useful when applying multiple and darker shades.

Applying a natural eye makeup will create a vibrant and youthful appearance. If you are not completely confident with your application, keep practicing, and expect numerous compliments!

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