Creative and Clever Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples Made Easy

Matthew Ambrosio

Posted on September 27 2019

I love Halloween and if you do to you will love this blog post. It’s time to choose a costume if you are dressing up. For over three decades I’ve been coming up with fun and unique ideas for costumes and most recently costumes for couples. Now the costumes I create are made by hand and require sewing, cutting and even playing with fire. We can skip all that but still have a look with the same punch. Get your looks together with just a few click and I promise you will definitely be one of the most original and coolest duos in the bunch. Maybe you will even win a prize for “most original” or “best couple“!


Fire & Ice – Cute

Inspired by the idea that people who are very different from each other are often attracted to each other.

Seth and I rocked this look last year but it took me about a month to complete in between the madness of life. I used glue and acrylic paint for a crackling effect and literally fire to burns holes in his costume and a heat gun to melt plastic cups into fiery shoulder pads. This was by far a favorite and totally worth the effort.

Want to be Fire & Ice?

What you will need for Fire (Unisex)

What you will need for Ice (Unisex)

Go the extra mile and accessorize with fire and ice themed accessories like flame tights for women or a snowflake scarf for men. Use your imagaination.

Inspiration for Fire Makeup

Inspiration for Ice Makeup


Voodoo Doll & Witch Doctor – Scary

If you are a couple who likes to conjure up some black magic on Halloween this one is for you!

This was the top of my voodoo doll costume which I hand stitched from burlap and red felt. It also had a pair of matching bottoms. There was no lift off this year due to a costume snafu. We threw our first Halloween party that year. It was a success my costume was not but I did leave it on display for all to see as they entered. Seth looked pretty cool in his witch doctor costume though. I was a care bear with a light up belly. Stuff happens.

What you need for Voodoo Doll

What you will need for Witch Doctor

Witch Doctors add a skull staff to complete the look!

Inspiration for makeup follow the images shown in the link images or click here.


Dr. Frank N. Furter & Rocky – Sexy

Pay homage to one of the most celebrated edgy pop culture movies of our time and go super sexy.

Rocky Horror is a legendary movie. The costumes and story are perfect for Halloween. I played Frank N. Furter while Seth played Rocky. It was a match made in heaven. My look had two phases and underneath that lab coat was what you would expect if you seen the film. Use your imagination! I am waiting for the years to pass to I can do this looks again. I think 5 is appropriate to repeat.


What you will need for Doctor Frank N. Furter

What you will need for Rocky

Makeup inspirations for Dr. Frank N. Furter can be found here.


All the look mentioned in this blog post can be achieved with the following makeup kit. I chose this kit because it is hypoallergenic and non-toxic but also has some punch with color for a dramatic look.


Make sure before you add any of the above items to your cart and purchase that they are the correct size and you have no allergies to ingredients in the makeup. All of the costume suppliers provide size charts for your reference. In addition, Amazon includes reviews and photos from customers who have purchased the items. Also be sure to review return policies!

Hope you love this blog post and give these looks a go this Halloween. They are simple to achieve with some online shopping which I have done for you! If you do give these looks a go please send pictures!


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