4 Tips for Beginner Sea Glass Hunters

Matthew Ambrosio

Posted on August 19 2019

Sea or beach glass is a pretty cool thing and it can actually teach you a lot about life. Sea glass comes from discarded broken bits of vases, ink wells and bottles that were thrown into the sea and over decades of time get frosty from reactions to the saltwater and smooth from being tumbled in the surf. They come in a diverse selection of colors some of which are very rare like orange and red but the most common colors you will find are white, green and blue. The coolest thing about sea glass is that it is a piece of history. My collection consists of pieces of red glass lanterns from ships that crossed the sea over a century ago and blue inkwell bottles used to dip quill pens before we had pens that hold their own ink supply.

I get a lot questions about how I find my beach gems. Here are my most important tips when getting started. I promise they will make a big difference in your beach combing efforts and if you follow my tips you will find your first pieces and many more! As always check the tides and search in safe spots. Most importantly enjoy the tranquility of the sea and the fresh air.

I suggest a water friendly mesh pouch to store your sea glass while you search and also rinse it without losing it from a sneaky wave that could knock it out of your hands.

Happy Hunting

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