4 Essential Oils That Annoying Bugs Dislike

Matthew Ambrosio

Posted on August 22 2019

It’s a beautiful evening with a touch of fall in the air but it’s still August. Whether you are in the garden or sitting on the porch with a dear buddy no one wants to be snacked on by biting and stinging insects. While insects bites are annoying I’d much rather be eaten alive than coat my skin in bug sprays with toxic chemicals that may or may not even work. So I take the natural but more laborious path.

Trust me. If you are wanting to be outdoors and be bug free naturally, stock up on some essential oils. There are several that repel bugs but my top four are as follows.

  1. Peppermint

  2. Eucalyptus

  3. Lemon

  4. Lavendar

Why Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lemon?
For some reason insects do not like citrus or menthol scents because they are so potent. They jam their little bug radars with their intensity.
Why Lavender?
While it does distract the bugs again with its potency the main purpose of using lavender is not to prevent bugs but to calm the bites. The soothing qualities of lavender are literally skin deep. It calms redness, swollen bites and lavender even helps with superficial mild burns.
How I use them is super easy: Place a few drops of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Lavendar oils in the palms of your hands, mix together and rub your body down. Reapply as necessary to coat your body and any special spots the bugs favor. Sounds easy right? Well its not because lets be real if something is natural then it needs continuous application. Yes it takes more effort but it doesn’t deliver a dose of toxins and who doesn’t like to coat themselves in scented oils that make you feel better!
The benefits of blending oils for numerous causes is something new to many who don’t know about their power until they use them. When I self-treat with therapeutic grade essential oils I see a quicker and better response than I do with certain ailments that require OTC or prescription meds including protection from hungry insects. What is most extraordinary is the simplicity of the application. Just drip, mix and apply on exposed skin subject to bug bites.
I have many uses for oils and as we enter the cooler season I will share my solution to keeping away the common cold. It’s all about prevention not treatment. That is how I prefer to handle my health.

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